The Cool : Spy Gadgets for the James Bond Within You (Second Part)

As promised,this is the second part filled with the coolest gadgets you can buy to spy.That even rhymes,damn I'm good.

1.Pen to PC
With this Spy Pen, you can write regular notes on paper and transfer your writings to your PC. Even better, writings, notes, and a girl’s number can be transferred to the computer wirelessly using this Nokia Pen Bluetooth capabilities, so you won’t even need to carry an extra cable.

2.E-Stealth Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software
Have you ever wanted to know who the person sitting next to you is calling? what SMS does your Son recieve/send? or see the entire contact list of any passer-by? With the E-Stealth Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software you can do all this and much more. The Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software Edition 2008 will work on all mobile devices that are Bluetooth enabled, which means it can Spy on Bluetooth Enabled Laptops as well. You just need to install the software on your Mobile Phone and get into the bluetooth range of the device you want to spy on, and startech surveillance. The software can be found at the product page.

3.BrickHouse Security Cell Phone Sim Card Spy
If you want to have a back up of your SMS that you have been receiving on your mobile phone, on your PC, this spy gadget is what you need. The PC suites coming with almost all phones phones have a support for the Address Book and SMS back up feature but this SIM card spy does more than that. Now only it can be used for low end that usually support PC, but you can also use this Spy Gadget to find and read almost all the messages that have been deleted from your SIM. If backing up your text messages is important, you can find more information at the product page.

4.The Spy Kite The Spy kite is a wind flyer that has a digital camera mounted on the frame and is capable of taking photographs from air. The Spy Kite is made up of fiber glass and comes with a wireless remote control that enables you to take photographs while your own feet are on the ground.
This spy gadget can take photographs from upto 80 feet above from ground. Find yours here.

5.Spy Tie There are tons of different Spy Gadgets to long for, but this spy cam tie is not just any web cam, it is probably the easiest to hide and use, plus it will make you look a little more like the smooth James Bond.
This normal looking tie has a mini spy camera hidden within its pattern design, so it would be very difficult for the untrained eye to realize it is on film. It provides easy transfer of AVI files with its built in USB drive with a storage capacity of 2GB. Moreover, there is a remote control included, so you could keep your hands off the actual spy tie when you are interested in starting or halting video recording.
This is a really great addition to James Bond gadgets that would be easy to use and also could collect great data on unsuspecting victims. It costs $66 at Brando.

Ok,this is may be a little to much,but if you like the adventure,why not?The Martin Jetpack($100,000) is capable of 30 minutes of flight at 60 mph and you can fly a distance of 8,000 feet.It's great for a Sunday afternoon fly!

If a jetpack is what you need,why not this?I love reporting on weaponry. I’m sure that a lot of people will call me a little twisted, but I just can’t think of a cooler gadget than the latest weapon.
This particular stun gun, the X12 Taser LLS, had me when it was described as a “wireless taser”. Perhaps I also have an affinity for all things wireless. I mean, we have wireless computers and phones, why not wireless tasers? After all, those wires that zip out of most tasers can tangle very easily.
The LLS stands for Less Lethal Shotgun, and it is able to fire a charged round from up to 88 feet away. According to a Press Release, “it can pentrate clothing and transmit electrical impulses, causing the body to be temporarily paralyzed, unlike conventional stun guns which cause immobility by causing pain”.

The Electronic Listening Device is so Powerful a Human Conversation Can be Heard over 300 Feet Away! The ”ears” and ”eyes” are powerful enough to hear from one end of a football field to the other. You can capture distant sounds (and voices) that would otherwise not be heard with the help of our sophisticated Electronic Listening Device. Imagine standing in the end zone of a football field and being able to hear what someone is saying at the other end! Outdoors men and field observers can tap into Nature\’s secrets like never before. Bird watchers and nature lovers will be thrilled at the sound quality of this ingenious listening device.
The Electronic Spy Listening Device is available from Gadget World for $51.95.

9.EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles
Enjoy the thrill of real night vision technology with EyeClops Night Vision stealth goggles.These super stealth goggles allow kids ages eight and older to see in absolute darkness using infrared illumination so they can explore the dark landscape around them. These fun goggles are the perfect companion for slumber party sleep-overs or camp-outs.
The EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles are available from Amazon for $68.88.

10.Minox’s Agent M Digital Belt Camera
If you’re aspiring to be a super secret spy at some point in your life then you’ll need the equipment to go with the job. No one can be a true spy without the proper tools. Well Minox is selling a seemingly innocent belt that happens to have a hidden camera built into it. The belt can record videos, which will likely be every perv’s dream. I’m sure with this in hand many teen boys would love a chance to accidentally walk into the girl’s locker room and then have the recording to enjoy for years to come.
Actually, likely their father’s would probably wish for the same thing at the local gym. In all fairness though, this could be used for non-pervish tasks. It not only records video, but it will record audio as well. Giving you handy blackmail material when needed. It records onto an SD card and includes a USB adapter. It will cost you a pretty penny though, it is priced at about $300.

Also check the first part of "Spy Gadgets for the James Bond Within You " if you didn't already.

The Cool : Spy Gadgets for the James Bond Within You (First Part)

People keep developing and using cool new gadgets to spy on people. While this practice might offend some people, it is at the same time, fun and enjoyable for others. Spy Gadgets can be used to see what your 3 year old son is doing with the toys or to find the numbers your daughter calls frequently. Or maybe, you can become the next James Bond and save the world with these cool spy gadgets.
I have gathered a Cool Spy Gadgets list that can help you become the next James Bond.Ssome of these are not too expensive, so they can also make great presents.1.Zippo Style Digital Cigarette Lighter Camera
Remember the Nightfire Game of James Bond that had an Camera built into a Cigarette Lighter? This is the same spy gadget but in the real world. The Cigarette lighter itself is not functional, but the Digital Camera built inside works like any other camera.
The Zippo Style Digital Cigarette Lighter Camera has 64 MB SDRAM memory that stores 104 images (standard 640×480 resolution) or 30 images (High 1280×960 resolution). The digital images can be easily downloaded to your computer using the USB cable. The Cool Gadget is available for $45 which is not too high for a 1.3 MP camera.2. StarChase
Has any thief ever tried to snatch your valuables and got away in a car or Motor Bike? Now, if that happens you can track them down and find wherever they goes. All you need to do is to aim at any vehicle you need to track or follow and shoot it with GPS transmitter. The system uses a laser to aim at the back of a car, firing a GPS receiver, wireless transmitter, and battery in a little slug that sticks to the outside of the vehicle.
I think I saw it on McGuyver before, or was it the A-Team? Either way, a cool way to track someone. You can find this spygadget here.
3.Memo-Q Pen Recording Device
Taking only spy shots isn’t enough, is it? We need to sometimes record conversations too. Memo-Q Pen Recording Device will not only let you record conversations, but it is also the World’s Smallest 7 Hour Voice Digital Pen Voice Recorder. The batteries give up enough juice for 10 Hours. The pen is charged using the USB port on your computer and take about four hours to charge fully. You can also use AAAA batteries if the device isn’t charged, which last approximately 10 hours during playback and 7 hours of record time.
This pen also allows you to transfer files easily using the USB port. Complete product specs can be found here.
4.Spy Camera Pen
A cool spy camera pen that makes it very easy to spy on girlfriends, co-workers and friends. This Christmas Gift is perfect for students, friends, and even adults and could make it very fun to spy in such a hidden way.
If you see it as an advantageous spy tool, you can get your own at their store.
5.Hollow Spy Coin
I know it can be easy to hide anything anywhere with a size as small as that of a coin. But wait, what if you were to be searched and someone found a microSD card containing private (adult or not) data? For that purpose this spy coin has been created.
This hollow nickel seen at Coolestgadgets can easily hold your microSD card and no one would even be suspicious that there can be anything inside a coin.
6.CSI Stick
It might seem unbelievable, but there is actually a device that can copy anything that is stored on a Mobile phone. The CSI Stick allows law enforcement and anyone else to gather forensic grade information form a cell phone.For example, you can copy text messages, call logs, and phone books with the CSI Stick. It can also be used to copy the camera pictures and other media from your, or any other person’s mobile phone.
This Cool Spy Gadget includes the CSI Stick base unit, two Motorola tips, one Samsung tip, one remote charger, and a carrying case. The nice thing is that it is available to the public.

The Com-Bat is a six-inch robotic spy plane modeled after a bat and can send information like smell, sounds and photographs to its operator. COM-BAT looks like a is planned to have energy scavenging potential, so it could be powered by wind and solar energy.
8.Mind Molester and Sonic Nausea
Annoy neighbors, friends or foes with the Mind Molester and Sonic Nausea. These Small spy gadgets can be your way of causing discomfort to individual without actual physical touch. Sounds a little evil? I guess it probably is. 9.Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer
Want to see and analyze any Wi-Fi networks in your neighboring areas? Here is a cool new spy gadget that will allow you to do just that. Wi-Spy is the world’s smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer, and has been designed specifically for troubleshooting and analyzing Wi-Fi networks. It shows the signal strength for all Wi-Fi networks as well as Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, microwaves, Zigbee, and all other 2.4 GHz transmitters. It is available at ThinkGeek.com for all you spies out there.10.Pocket-Sized Printer and Scanner
These spy printer and scanner could easily make James Bond happy. The scanner is about the sized of a pen, and the printer not much larger.

Make sure to check the second part.


Style : Urban Art

Volkswagen Bus

Artist Lee Stoetzel has made a wooden life-size Volkswagen Bus! The VW Bus is a one-to-one scaled 75" x 165" x 67 1/2", and is crafted from pecky cypress wood and steel. "We build houses and think that we have controlled space, yet nature winds its way into those materials. The sculptures I have built light up to emphasize the power of natural form. ", Stoetzel say. Don't play with the fire inside,and especially don't smoke if you want to remain cool and not baked during the driving.

Makita Smart Advertising

A big Makita drills image made of 20,081 Holes!They drilled over 20.000 holes into a wall to create a huge black and white image of, well, a Makita drill. To create the correct tones, the distances between the holes had to be very carefully calculated.Hard work!Not for me,nope.

Lego Jesus

A Swedish church unveiled a life-size statue of Jesus Christ during their Easter morning mass. This 6-foot-tall statue of Jesus has building out of 30,000 Lego blocks. It took the 40 volunteers about 18 months to put all the tiny plastic blocks together, and their creation shows a standing Jesus facing forward with his arms outstretched. This Lego Jesus Statue is a copy of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen's "Christus" statue on display in Copenhagen. It's Legisus Christ!

Urilift's Public Urinal

The Urilift's Public urinal(about $70,000) stays underground all day and rises up every evening for nighttime public urination problem. It will pop up at 10pm and drop down again at 3am every day(if it will close the drunk man undergroud? Maybe I thought ...). Unlike the automated, self-cleaning toilets with doors that automatically open after a set time period, the Urilift is a two-meter(over 6 feet tall) high stainless steel cylinder with three alcoves, each with a urinal, and no doors. If I can not find any toilets, I will consider it(shame)..."A council spokesman said: 'We intend to use the pop-up loo to tackle the problem of people urinating in shop doorways and on the streets of our town centre.' " It's already installed in various cities in Europe.Nice!


Advice : Comments That Will Get Atention On A Blog Or Site

If you are so bored,and you have no one to talk to,and maybe you want some attention,here's what you should do to get it.If your comments on a community site will look similar to these,it's more than sure that you will get that attention you wanted.

1.Swear someone.Don't mention his/her nickname,in order to get everyone confused and thinking that you are swearing him/her(e.g. "fuck you","screw you","you dumbshit","shithead","eat my dick"etc.).Plenty of people will want to talk to you.
2.If you are commenting on a video,picture,article or something with/about a celebrity,and that celebrity has many fans,make fun of that celebrity.("celebrity name is stupid","celebrity name is an asshole","celebrity name is fat",etc.)
3.Swear the author of that work/post.
4.Pose as a 14 year old girl and say that you want to share nude photos of you.
5.Write nonsense comments (e.g. "The bear migrates candy.","I think I shit myself in the hand.","Gun just ran away in the wrong direction"etc.).
6.Write supid "you will get kissed friday if you do something" comments.
7.Spam a lot everywhere.In the end someone will want to reply.
8.Write that you are the author of the work/post which you want to comment on and the real author is just a thief.
9.Explain in your comment why you love yourself so much.
10.Write something to inspire/motivate other commenters, especially if you don’t normally do that.


Observer : The World Is The Greatest Rat Race

People were always in a competition for something,for anything.But this competition has grown bigger and bigger and we are competing for our lifes.People stepping over people to get the money,to get the respect,to get anything they want.Some make everything possible to get what they want through legal ways,some through illegal ways.Some in both ways.Some give up all hopes and commit suicide.

Many people fight for a cause but finally they end up in their own hypocrisy,breaking their own rules for their own good.Whatever "good" that is.Even though the human are social beings,it seems we can't all live peacefully in a society.Small or big,same thing,from local to global.We lose ourselves while we walk our ways in life.But this only a point of view,it's not all black and white,you know,and society it's not all rotten inside.Don't forget that there are people who would help you if they could instead of stealing your last chance.

List : Worst - Rappers Turned Actors

50 Cent
Real Name: Curtis James Jackson
How this guy gets to star opposite Al Pacino and Robert Deniro in Righteous Kill is beyond me. Did they not see Get Rich or Die Tryin' or Home of the Brave? He easily tops the pile and is one I would love to see stay out of theater.

Real Name: Earl Simmons
Despite trying to cement himself as action-movie sidekick (e.g. Never Die Alone, Cradle 2 the Grave), DMX just doesn't have it. True, his voice (like Xzibit) does him well as an imposing figure, but that only goes so far.

Real Name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner
Though his gravely voice lends him to be an intimidating henchman, I have yet to see what else might be appealing with the recognized host of MTV's "Pimp My Ride." Maybe his participation in the X-Files sheds a bit more light on this guy.

Andre 3000
Real Name: Andre Benjamin
Though I hate to put him on this list, Andre 3000 really hasn't come through for me. His role in Four Brothers was flat and Idlewild was more of an Outkast vehicle than anything else. Admittedly, I didn't see Semi-Pro, but I lost interest in him after Revolver.

Real Name: Tracy Marrow
I totally respect the guy for his early work and groundbreaking music career, but I'm glad he's now just a regular on "Law and Order: SVU" and not much else. You can only take him in limited doses.

Ice Cube
Real Name: O'Shea Jackson
Much like Ice-T, Ice Cube has been around for a while and certainly has some cred. However, his latest projects have sucked big time (e.g. Are We There Yet?).It's true that he made many movies,and in someone he acted well , but c'mon.Trying to recover the shyne of Friday,Next Friday and Friday After Next , he got out First Sunday.What a cliché.

Snoop Dogg
Real Name: Cordozar Calvin Broadus
I have to admit, I did love Snoop Dogg's character Huggy Bear in the 2004 remake of Starsky & Hutch. However, the smoked out pimp shtick is a bit old, especially in movies like Soul Plane and Hood of Horror.

Method Man
Real Name: Clifford Smith
Similar to Ice-T, Method Man is much more interesting when he has a cameo on "Law and Order" or as the Baltimore drug dealer, Cheese, on the "The Wire." And while I haven't seen it yet, I suspect his involvement in The Wackness is brief and forgettable.P.S. : How High was awesome !

The Game
Real Name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor
I think the only reason why The Game ever got an acting gig was because his face looks like the rough side of a rundown liquor store. That's not to say he doesn't make for a perfectly fine throwaway bad guy in Street Kings, but he's still pretty forgettable.

Big Boi
Real Name: Antwan André Patton
Thankfully, one half of the popular outfit Outkast, Big Boi hasn't managed to carve out an acting footprint just yet. His biggest role was alongside his fellow band mate Andre 3000 in Idlewild back in 2006. There hasn't been much since. Let's keep it that way.

List : Best - Rappers Turned Actors

Real Name: Marshall Mathers
Turning to acting in 2002's 8 Mile, Eminem hasn't resurfaced since. His debut was loosely based on his own life, so that probably fed his performance. Can he hold his own in other projects? I'd like to find out.

Real Name: Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.
With his 2006 performance in ATL and his supporting role in American Gangster, T.I. holds his own on screen. Now if he can just manage to avoid jail time, we might get to see more of him.

Real Name: Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.
Not that I followed much of the guy's music, but Common immediately piqued my interest as a bodyguard in Smokin' Aces. There's something about the guy's voice and delivery that is so smooth and gangster you can't turn away.

Real Name: Chris Bridges
Though not very seasoned in the acting profession, Ludacris was surprisingly well regarded in his supporting role in Crash back in 2004. As such, I'll give him a pass for being involved in Fred Claus.Good one in Rock'n'Rolla.

Mos Def
Real Name: Dante Terrell Smith
This is a guy I enjoy in just about anything, save for maybe his nasally voice in 16 Blocks. From The Italian Job to Be Kind Rewind, I'm always intrigued when he's involved with a new project.

LL Cool J
Real Name: James Todd Smith III
A seasoned actor, LL Cool J easily straddles both fields. He is scheduled to release his last album, Exit 13, later this year. Maybe that will give him the headroom to tone up on acting, since his last few projects have been pretty lame (e.g. The Last Holiday, Edison).

Queen Latifah
Real Name: Dana Elaine Owens
Latifah just narrowly misses the second spot. She's definitely come a long way over the years and has earned numerous awards as an actress. But a good deal of her roles are more supporting in nature, and I like the runner-up's films a bit better.

Will Smith
Real Name: Willard Christopher Smith Jr.
Topping the list, Will Smith needs no introduction. The guy keeps churning out great movies. Do folks even remember him as the Fresh Prince?

Marky Mark
Real Name: Mark Wahlberg
It's hard to imagine that Mark Wahlberg was ever considered a rapper, given how buried that history has become. Despite starting out as the lead of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Wahlberg has grown into a formative actor.

Observer : Old Lady Situation

Today,a friend of mine was stopped by an old lady as he walked on the street.The old lady asked him if he knew that on the left side of the street was a kindergarten.He said yes,and he showed her where it is.But,strangely,the old lady said that she knew too where it is ,but wanted to point out only that on the kindergarten was written "The first steps in life".
My friend was like WTF? in his mind , but the old lady continued the discussion and showed him the cemetery across the street.She said that there is our final step in life.As this was getting too wierd , my friend said goodbye to the old madame and walked away.Come on , maybe she was only trying to tell a joke!Anyway I think this was kind of "strangely".What do you think?


List : Rappers And Gang Affiliation

A lot of famous rappers or not have been associated with different gangs across US.Some of them, as they gained notoriety revealed their affiliation.Or,as you know many used their afilliation , or fake affiliation as a marketing instrument.Any updates for the list are welcome as always.

Kelly Park Compton Crips : Eazy-E,MC Ren,Tweedy Bird Loc, Lil Nation(from CPO),AWOL (from Nationwide Rip Ridaz)
Rollin' 20's Crips : Snoop Dogg,Goldie Loc,Warren G,The Dove Shack
Rollin' 60's Crips : Kurupt,CJ Mac,Ice Cube,Kieta Rock,Tha Comradz
21st Street Crips : Daz Dillinger
19th Street Crips : Lil' C Style
Insane Crips : Tray Deee,Battlecat,Bad Azz,Swoop G
LBC Crips : Slip Capone,So Sentrelle,Lil' 1/2 Dead
Hoover Crips : South Central Cartel,Ice-T
Corner Pocket Crips : Coolio
111 Neighborhood Crips : W.C.
Nutty Blocc Compton Crips : B.G. Knocc Out,Dresta
South Side Compton Crips : Tone Loc
Tragnew Park Compton Crips : MC Eiht
Inglewood Imperial Village Crips : Big Syke
NHC 47 Blocc Crips (San Diego) : Jay-O Felony
Garden Blocc 19th Street Crips (Sacramento) : C Bo
P.J. Riverside Crips : New Breed Of Hustlas
357 Crips (Pomona) : Kokane
Atlantic Drive Crips : Scarface
Oakland Crips : Richie Rich
Palmdale Crips : Afroman
Crips : Da Lench Mob,Watts Gangsters,Kausion,Kam,Above The Law
Crips Black Mafia Family : Fabolous
WSGC 124 Crips Black Mafia Family : Young Jeezy

Cedar Block Pirus Bloods : The Game
Mob Piru Bloods : $uge Knight
Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods : Dj Quik,Hi C
Campanella Park Piru Bloods : Mausberg
Queen St Inglewood Bloods : Mack 10
Inglewood Family Bloods : All Frum Tha I,Tha Relativez,The Roaddawgs
Compton Piru Bloods : Tha Realest,Top Dogg,G.P.
89th Street Family Bloods : B-Real (Cypress Hill),Sinister
Pacioma Piru Bloods : Terror Twinz
Bounty Hunter Bloods : O.F.T.B.
Skyline Piru Bloods : Nuttz
Elm Street Piru Bloods : 2nd II None
West Side Piru Bloods (Carson Samoan Warriors) : Boo-Ya Tribe
Crenshaw Mafia Gangsta Blood : Lil' Hawk,Big Wye
Denver Lane Bloods : Damu Ridaz
Bloods : Sen Dog (Cypress Hill),DMX,2Pac (Tupac Shakur Amaru)

Black Spades : Afrika Bambaataa

South Los Angeles Sureños : Brownside
Sureños : Mr. Criminal

Norteno San Fer : Capone

Vice Lords : Twista

Gangster Disciples : Ca$his


Temple Rydah : 2Pac

Bounty Hunter Bloods : Jay Rock

Bloods : Yuckmouth


List : Improvised Weapons II

1.Pens and Crayons
Pens and crayons can be really dangerous as weapons.If you get stabbed with a pen or a crayon your time spent in school will flash before your eyes.This was proven scientifically - yeah,right.Stay away from angry kids with sharp crayons and pens!You can find pens & crayons everywhere.

2.Forks And Spoons
So what , you have an unsuccessful business dinner?Don't worry you can attack or defend yourself.Stab with the fork and smack with the spoon.Simple as that!You can find this items in kitchens , restaurants , fast-food spots and so on.

If you see Bush in front of you I am sure that you know what to do.These can be found on your feet.

If you are in a bar brawl and you run out of chairs and bottles , don't forget about the ashtrays.Break 'em , smoking kills anyway!Can be found in bars, pubs , cafes , houses , restaurants.

The classical belt.Smacking your kids to the max!Until they grow up and they smack back.Can be found where you find trousers.

6.Cell Phones
Throw them.This is how they work.As weapons.Can be found in Electronic Shops , in houses , offices and many other places.

Don't lose your keys!You may need them some day to use them as a weapon.Not really effective , but better than nothing.No need to tell you where to find keys.

8.Phone Books
Phone books are useful for torture.You will get that precious information just by smacking the subject in the head with it.It really hurts, you know?

9.Fire Extinguisher
You can knock someone out with it.Be careful with that thing!You can find a fire extinguisher almost in any building.

The car is the ultimate urban improvised weapon.You can kill someone easily with it.Just run over that person.Maybe a disadvantage is the fact that is too big.Cannot be used anywhere.

P.S.Also make sure you check Improvised Weapons I.