Observer : I'm Going To Die Soon

Dean Martin died.Sinatra too.Tupac still alive and breathing , but me , I don't think I have a long road ahead.Neither of us have , so we might as well live our life at max.Easy to say , harder to do as each one of us go through different moods everyday,having to cope with everyday life.Happines,sadness,sorrow,ecstasy (not the drug-which I think is very nice,btw-the feeling),hate,love and many other feelings and situations that trigger them are a conglomerate which represents our life.Sometimes we feel unique,different from others,but in the end we all realise that we are the same (excepting the stupid ones).

But let's get back to the subject,death.Some people say that they fear death.I sometimes do too,but if you really think about it is something natural (yeah,I know,stupid conclusion) that can't be avoided.So,why make such a big deal out of it,thinking about what's behind the physical death,what will happen to us after we die.If you think about every religion,their physolophies and explanations,you will of course think,"wtf?".WTF is wrong with the people,living their life as a preparation for death,waiting for a reward,making good deeds just for apreciation and not from their soul.Btw,I hope that there's something after death,because all of "this" is pointless if there isn't.Burn me if I die and put my ashes in a fucking vase or something (or flush it down the toilet),because I don't want to be ressurected and be a fucking zombie that screams "Braiiinsss! Braaainsss!".Have a good life!Any comments will be appreciated.



  1. we're all going , it's said not the be the one who will go now, but may it be the things you left behind :)

    I'm half dead too . fuck it, going back to drinking and smoking my days left on earth.

  2. RvXtm Ursu : Don't forget the coke!